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About Jay Kambo

League of Ecom CEO

Based in California, Jay Kambo started his journey into E-commerce with a single Shopify business. He taught himself everything from how to run Facebook/Google advertisements to web design to negotiating tactics with foreign and domestic suppliers. Using this knowledge, he expanded to three additional Shopify businesses and launched his Amazon Seller Store. Kambo was able to scale his Amazon Store to over $40,000 in revenue his first 35 days actively selling by utilizing his network of Private Suppliers.

Kambo sold his Shopify businesses in late 2019 and started up League Of Ecom in an effort to help and teach fellow entrepreneurs how to sell on all types of online marketplaces as well as create a community of like-minded individuals. At 19, Forbes wrote an article about him and dubbed him a “Top E-commerce Coach”.

Today, Kambo and his growing team of 100+ employees run his coaching and automation programs and are constantly looking for ways to grow and become a valuable resource for entrepreneurs across the globe.

Mission Statement And Vision

At League Of Ecom, our mission is to provide every motivated individual the most up to date training and resources to be successful in the uncharted E-commerce industry. The world we live in is transitioning into a mobile-first world at an accelerated speed. The result? More and more individuals and corporations are utilizing the web to further expand their services. It’s imperative these individuals and corporations learn to maximize the benefit of leveraging the new technology and marketplaces available to start and scale not only online businesses, but to expand the outreach of brick and mortar businesses as well. 

As pioneers in the industry, it’s crucial we set a president of conducting business the right way. We stay true to the same core values we were founded on: Commitment, Integrity, Efficiency, Transparency and Passion. These five core values guide the way we work and are the principle of every decision we make.

Our vision is to provide every individual with the proper resources and information to successfully own multiple streams of passive income and make financial freedom not a luxury, but the new standard.

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