How Do I Start And When Will My Store Be Active?

To get started in any of our programs, please contact us and let us know which program you would like to enroll in. Our onboarding team will send a client service agreement as well as a payable invoice via Stripe. Payments can be made by payable invoice or direct deposit. Once the client service agreement and payment are complete, we will get started in creating a passive income asset for you!
On average, your business will be up and running within 5-7 business days after payment

What Is The 90 Day Seasoning Period?

If you just joined Amazon as a new seller, there are certain sales and inventory limits we can not exceed because your business has no credibility with Amazon yet. This is why seasoning an Amazon account is very important. In every program we offer, new Amazon accounts are put through a 90 day period where we focus on building a positive relationship with Amazon and a solid foundation for each business before diving into revenue and profit. You will still be getting sales during this period, however our primary focus is to sustain perfect account health and positive reviews. As the store ages, we list products more frequently as we scale safely and efficiently.

What Are Estimated Sales For The First 6 Months?

Amazon constantly monitors every Amazon Seller Account's sales velocity and has certain limits we can not exceed. If Amazon sees an account jump more than 150% growth on a month to month basis, they will suspend the store. Our onboarding team will take a look at your account and curate a custom listing schedule to ensure safe and efficient scaling. 

Our target for month one is between $3000-$5,000 in revenue which means our month two target is $4500-7,500, month three is $6750-11,250 and so on. Our goal is to consistently grow between 125-150% month to month for the first six months. 

What Is A Resale License?

A resale license or seller's permit allow your business to buy inventory and avoid paying sales tax.

If you buy inventory for your business and pay sales tax and the customer buys a product from you and also pays sales tax, that classifies as double-taxation. We can exclude ourselves from paying tax and create tax-exempted accounts at suppliers to achieve higher profit margins

How Much Working Capital Should I Have?

The answer to this question depends heavily on the program you are in:

Amazon Mastery & Semi-Automation
We recommend each client starts with a minimum of $1000 in either credit lines or working capital for these programs. Each Amazon store will start off in a dropshipping business model. You will not have to buy any inventory and there is no advertising expense so it is very easy to control your expenses on a day to day basis. After the first month of selling, we will curate your product catalog to fit within your budget to ensure you are maximizing every dollar spent. 

Full Automation
We require a minimum of 10k in open credit lines for a new Amazon store. The more credit you have, the higher we can scale your business. It's important to note we can not scale your business past what your available credit lines allows us to.

When Will Amazon Pay Me?

Amazon pays sellers on a bi-weekly basis. Every two weeks, you receive a payout from Amazon for your available balance. Amazon has a prestigious reputation to protect. You will receive the revenue from an order once the order has been delivered and 7 days have passed. If there are no returns or refunds requested for the order, then the revenue is transferred to your available balance and as mentioned above, is paid out every 2 weeks

What Happens If Amazon Suspends My Account?

Account suspensions are apart of selling on Amazon. The highest risk of suspension is within the first 90 days of selling. This is why the seasoning period is very important and is crutial to the success of an Amazon business.

On the chance you do get suspended, no worries! We have teamed up with several Amazon Appeal Experts to provide custom made appeals to get client accounts back. We also have a library of customized appeals to get your account back ASAP and in the most cost-effective and efficient way.

In Amazon Mastery and Semi-Automation, we will cover 50-100% of the cost for a customized appeal or we can provide an appeal from our library for free. We cover the entire cost to reinstate the account in full automation. 

What Other Costs Are There?

All programs share the Professional Amazon Seller Account fee ($39.99/month) as well as Product Cost (Variable Expense).

For Amazon Mastery and our 4 Week Coaching Program, the only additional expense is the first introductory software to source products ($2.99/month). All additional softwares are introduced once we have sales volume to reinvest profits back into the business rather than have more out of pocket expenses.

In Semi Automation and Full Automation, there are no additional costs besides the Professional Amazon Seller Account fee and product cost



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