Frequently Asked Questions

Our program pricing tables are disclosed in our free webinars which are hosted every Tuesday / Thursday at 12 PM PST and 5 PM PST and during the 1 on 1 Meetings which can be booked at the bottom of any program page. Jump to Amazon Dropshipping or FBA Automation 

Yes! All our programs offer a 24-month ROI Guarantee to protect your upfront investment. We guarantee your business will profit equal to or more than the upfront investment amount within 24 months. If you have not profited the upfront investment amount, we will pay you the difference out of pocket.

The average time for a Client to breakeven on their initial investment is about 10-14 months contingent upon their working capital. 

To sign up for any program, Contact Us or Book A Call. We will breakdown payment plans and get your business onboarded with our team!

Yes! If you would like to get both dropshipping and FBA services on your Amazon store, let us know and we will provide you with our bundle pricing sheet

Yes! We have multiple warehouses throughout the country which are for exclusive use of our clients. Our warehouses handle prep and packaging for FBA inventory and storage for inventory if needed. Our fulfillment centers ships products directly to your customers and allow us to create our flagship Hybrid program 

Yes! League Of Ecom is official business partners with American Express. Your Account Manager will put you in contact with our American Express Agent who will expedite your credit application as well as pre-qualify you top-tier cards like the American Express Platinum, Gold or Plum Cards. Contact Us for more info.

Everything from our consistent communication to our transparent business model makes us far superior to any other agency, however the biggest difference is our programs are fully Amazon / Walmart Compliant.

Unlike a vast majority of automation agencies, we do NOT use retail stores as suppliers in ANY of our programs. Every product you sell will be from a wholesale or dropship distributor we have opened a custom contract for under your corporation. This model is much more efficient to run and is fully Amazon compliant.

We recommend our potential clients to ask other agencies who their suppliers are. If they say they use Walmart, Amazon, or Alibaba as suppliers, they are breaking the TOS (Terms Of Service) of both marketplaces. If a customer purchases a product from Amazon, why would it come in a Walmart Box? Or Visa Versa? It’s best to steer clear of these models as they are not sustainable.

Alibaba is known as “The King Of Counterfeits” across the industry. Selling their products in the USA can lead to Intellectual Property Rights Violations and potential lawsuits.

At League Of Ecom, these are issues you never need to worry about since we exclusively use US-based, authentic distributors.

We accept Credit Card, Debit Card, Wire Transfer, Cash, and Crypto. Let us know how you would like to pay for the program and we will send you instructions accordingly

At League Of Ecom, we run over 2 dozen different analytics for every single product we list on your business. All analytics are always shared with you to review as well.

If your inventory does not sell, we will pay you 50% of the cost of the inventory which hasn’t sold. We share 50% of all risk in your business related to inventory which makes it our best interest to only purchase inventory we are confident will sell.

Contact Us today for a full breakdown of how we hold risk in all our clients businesses to ensure they are as successful as possible.

At League Of Ecom, we run fully marketplace compliant programs. If your account is suspended, our team will handle the entire appeal process in-house. We are able to submit authentic invoices, licencing agreements, and other documentation to get your account back up and running in as little as 24-48 hours.

If Amazon still does not reactivate your account after our team submits multiple appeals and/or escalates your appeal, your Account Manager will help you open a brand new account and continue the automation on your new storefront free of charge 

If you choose to exit any program within 30 calendar days following execution of the contract, you will receive a full refund. After 30 calendar days, the sale is considered final.

League Of Ecom constantly buys and sells Amazon, Walmart and Shopify stores. If you would like to sell your store, we can broker a deal to find a buyer who will pay top dollar. In the event you would like to sell the business, we follow the following procedures:

  1. If the new business owner intends to retain our services after sale, then our brokerage fee is 10% of the revenue generated by the sale of the business.
  2. If the new business owner DOES NOT intend to retain our services after sale, then our brokerage fee is 25% of the revenue generated by the sale of the business.

Our team will handle all logistics and documentation to ensure a smooth transition of the store to make it easy for all parties involved.

The client (you) is always the owner of the Amazon store. Each Amazon store is made under a corporation the client is the owner of. As far as tax purposes go, our team is a consulting service which manages operations for your store. Our profit sharing fee as well as the upfront fee are expenses for your business.

The larger credit lines you have, the easier it is to get wholesale discounts which leads to larger profit margins and a more profitable business. In every wholesale contract we open for your business, we negotiate the ability for you to purchase inventory using a credit card or American Express card so you can collect cashback and points.

We highly recommend clients to apply for American Express Charge Cards when entering this business. With no preset spending limit, it’s very easy to raise your buying power and scale the business to higher levels compared to traditional credit cards. Your Account Handlers can assist with choosing the best cards to apply for based your current financial situation to make your business as successful as possible.

FBA / Dropshipping Automation: We require a minimum of $20,000 in credit card lines to get started

Amazon pays sellers on a bi-weekly basis. Every two weeks, you receive a payout from Amazon for your available balance. Amazon has a prestigious reputation to protect, so you will receive the revenue from an order once the order has been delivered and 7 days have passed. If there are no returns or refunds requested for the order, then the revenue is transferred to your available balance and as mentioned above, is paid out every 2 weeks

In all programs, you will have a total of two fixed monthly costs. Those costs are outlined below:

Amazon Seller Account – $39.99/month

Professional Gmail – $6/month 

Our team uses a professional gmail and virtual number to contact suppliers and negotiate contracts / pricing. We provide you with the virtual number free of charge.

We also incur the cost of hosting your website on WordPress as well as your SSL certificate and your domain.

Amazon does not pay out sales tax to sellers. For each product sold, Amazon keeps the sales tax and gives it back to the state on the sellers behalf. Depending on the state you reside in, you may still have to file sales tax earnings monthly, quarterly or annually.

In both Automation Programs, our accounting team will handle all monthly filings for each license we acquire for you.