What If My Inventory Doesn't Sell?

At League Of Ecom, we run over 2 dozen different analytics for every single product we list on your business. All analytics are always shared with you to review as well.

If your inventory does not sell, we will pay you 50% of the cost of the inventory which hasn't sold. We share 50% of all risk in your business related to inventory which makes it our best interest to only purchase inventory we are confident will sell.

Contact Us today for a full breakdown of how we hold risk in all our clients businesses to ensure they are as successful as possible. 

What is the difference in Full and Semi Automation?

In both programs, our team will contact suppliers, open wholesale accounts, identify products and maintain backend operations for the business. Below are the few key differences in both programs:

Full Automation

In Full Automation, our team will manage everything in the your business from the Amazon account itself to shipping logistics. We use our internal logistics network for preparing and packaging products so you never have inventory shipped to you. 

You do not have a weekly workload in this program. Your total tasks are roughly 30 minutes of set up work once you join the program. Past that point, our team will take care of everything else. This program is ideal for individuals new to the Amazon marketplace to get their business up and running as fast and efficiently as possible. 

Semi Automation

Your tasks are to run the front-end of the Amazon business. This includes listing products, repricing listings, monitor listings, as well as creating shipping templates for inventory. 

In Semi Automation, you are also in charge of providing a shipping address for inventory, if needed. Sometimes, suppliers are unable to ship directly to Amazon so the inventory must first either go to a 3PL (Third Party Logistics) warehouse or directly to you and then get shipped off to an Amazon warehouse. It is your responsibility to identify a 3PL within your resale license jurisdiction if you choose to use one (our team will aid with this). 

On average, the workload is roughly 9-10 hours per week. This program is mainly for individuals with existing Amazon businesses who are looking to increase their sales, not new Amazon sellers

What is your Refund Policy?

Our Refund Policy differs from program to program:

Full/Semi Automation: If you choose to exit the program within 10 calendar days following execution of the contract, you will receive a full refund. After 10 calendar days, the sale is considered final.

Mastery/Marketing Class: If you choose to exit the program within 5 calendar days following execution of the contract, you will receive a full refund. After 5 calendar days, the sale is considered final.

Why Should I Never Use Alibaba/AliExpress?

Both Alibaba and Aliexpress are known as the "Kings Of Counterfeits". Many popular products from both platforms infringe on Trademarks, Patents, etc and selling those products can lead to Intellectual Property Rights Violations which could end up in a potential lawsuit against you.

Amazon regularly checks the authenticity of products you have listed on your storefront by asking for invoices or letters from the brand authorizing you to sell their products. If you fail to provide authentic invoices directly from the brand (not alibaba invoices) or letters of authorization directly from the brand, Amazon will shut down your business indefinitely.

With the way we structure our program, we comply with Amazon's policies 100% and this is never an issue our clients face. If Amazon asks for invoices, we have 100% authentic invoices to provide as well as letters of authorization 

Is Dropshipping Illegal On Amazon?

Amazon's Dropshipping Policy strictly cites the following as against their TOS (Terms Of Service): "Purchasing products from another online retailer and having that retailer ship directly to customers, if the shipment does not identify you as the seller of record or if anyone other than you (including the other online retailer) appears on packing slips, invoices, or external packaging".

Dropshippers on Amazon use large retail storefronts such as Walmart to ship their items. This also means the packaging comes in a Walmart box and it also includes an invoice for what the dropshipper paid for the product, not what the customer paid. If the customer sees the invoice, they typically return the item and leave a bad review on the storefront since they have clearly overpaid for the item. 

If you are suspended with a dropshipping violation on Amazon, they will hold all funds currently in the Amazon account and suspend your business indefinitely. This means you will be banned from selling on Amazon and they will hold all your money.

Our program structure is nothing like dropshipping. We order in bulk directly from authentic manufactures and use Amazon itself to fulfil orders. We 100% comply with Amazon's TOS.

A direct link to Amazon's TOS is here:


How Much Working Capital Should I Have?

The larger credit lines you have, the easier it is to get wholesale discounts which leads to larger profit margins and a more profitable business. In every wholesale contract we open for your business, we negotiate the ability for you to purchase inventory using a credit card or American Express card so you can collect cashback and points.

We highly recommend clients to apply for American Express Charge Cards when entering this business. With no preset spending limit, it's very easy to raise your buying power and scale the business to higher levels compared to traditional credit cards. Your Account Handlers can assist with choosing the best cards to apply for based your current financial situation to make your business as successful as possible.

Full Automation: We require a minimum of $15,000 in credit card lines to get started  

Semi Automation: We require a minimum of $10,000 in credit card lines to get started  

FBA Mastery: We require a minimum of $5,000 in credit card lines to get started 

How Do I Start And When Will My Store Be Active?

To get started in any of our programs, please Contact Us and let us know which program you would like to enroll in. Our onboarding team will send you a contract as well as a payable invoice via Stripe. Once the contract and payment are complete, we will get started in creating a passive income asset for you!

On average, it takes roughly 45-60 days calendar days to get your business operational. During this time, our teams are diligently working on designing a company website for you, opening wholesale contracts, negotiating pricing and managing shipping routes for your inventory to be sent into Amazon. Your first sales will come roughly 60 days into the program

When Will Amazon Pay Me?

Amazon pays sellers on a bi-weekly basis. Every two weeks, you receive a payout from Amazon for your available balance. Amazon has a prestigious reputation to protect, so you will receive the revenue from an order once the order has been delivered and 7 days have passed. If there are no returns or refunds requested for the order, then the revenue is transferred to your available balance and as mentioned above, is paid out every 2 weeks 

What Other Costs Are There?

All programs share the same overhead fees:

Amazon Seller Account - $39.99/month

Professional Gmail - $6/month

Virtual Number: - $10/month

We incur the cost of hosting your website on WordPress as well as your SSL certificate and your domain 

How Does Sales Tax Work On Amazon?

Amazon does not pay out sales tax to sellers. For each product sold, Amazon keeps the sales tax and gives it back to the state on the sellers behalf. Depending on the state you reside in, you may still have to file sales tax earnings quarterly or annually. If this is the case, your Account Handlers will download detailed reports of Sales Tax directly from Amazon as well as  speak to whomever files your taxes in order to ensure all paperwork is done accurately 



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