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Completely Hands Off Passive Income

8 Week Private Coaching

Join the only 8 Amazon FBA Private Coaching program where each client receives two private coaches. Your private coaches will teach you each lesson via live Zoom meetings to ensure you grasp every detail. At the end of the 8 weeks, you may upgrade to any of our automation programs for a discounted rate or receive discounted extended coaching

Support Available 7 Days A Week

Businesses don’t take sick days. Neither do we. Every client receive two coaches who are available for support 7 days a week. We always encourage our clients to text or call their coaches if they have questions. That’s the prestige level of personalized service we offer

Your First Three Contracts Are On Us

Our Product Sourcing Team will find you three Wholesalers and Authorized distributors to get your business started. Your coaches will teach you multiple ways to open accounts with suppliers, how to convince them, and more.

Safe And Secure

League Of Ecom remains one of the only E-commerce Agencies that accepts payment via Stripe. Stripe is a secure payment processor that offers a multitude of business and buyer protection. We accept all major credit card as well so you can always pay with confidence. Before initiating any form of payment, both parties sign a Client Service Agreement clearly outlining our responsibilities to your business and more

FBA Mastery

Payment Plan

FBA Mastery has a 1 time payment of $2999 to enroll. The $2999 covers the cost of the program for the entire eight weeks. If after the eight weeks you would like to upgrade to an automation program, the $2999 will be credited towards the new program payment and you will receive discounted pricing for being an existing client.

Amazon Mastery Includes All The Following

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About Your Coach

Meet Jay Kambo | The League of Ecom CEO

Based in California, Jay Kambo started his journey into E-commerce with a single Shopify business. He taught himself everything from how to run Facebook/Google advertisements to web design to negotiating tactics with foreign and domestic suppliers. Using this knowledge, he expanded to three additional Shopify businesses and launched his Amazon Seller Store. Kambo was able to scale his Amazon Store to over $40,000 in revenue his first 35 days actively selling by utilizing his network of Private Suppliers.

Today, Kambo and his growing team of 100+ employees run his coaching and automation programs and are constantly looking for ways to grow and become a valuable resource for entrepreneurs across the globe.

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