Full Automation

  • Hands Off Passive Income

    Let a skilled team of 80+ professionals run your entire business for you. From product research to customer service to order fulfillment and bookkeeping, our team will handle it all

  • Installment Payment Plan

    We are proud to offer the only Full Automation Program with an installment payment plan for the upfront cost. See below for detailed payment plan structure

  • Hassle Free Onboarding Process

    Building a passive income stream is easier than ever before. The entire onboarding process takes less than 30 minutes to complete 

  • Prerequisite Requirements

    Please see below for a full list is prerequisites to enter Full Automation. Our team can assist in acquiring any documents or licensing if needed

Completely Hands Off Passive Income

Payment Plans Below

We Will Do The Following For Your Business:

Season the store to ensure longevity

Maintain good account health standing

Achieve 15-25% ROI

Product Research

List profitable products

Provide 24/7 customer service

Handle all order fulfillment tasks

Upload tracking numbers and confirm shipments

Double-check all products are safe to list (No IP/Trademarks)

Keep detailed records of all expenses

Help build and leverage credit to grow your business

Optimize your store for maximum profitability

And much more.

Prerequisites for Full Automation:

Must have a Legal Entity (LLC, S-corp, etc)

Must have a resale license/certificate

Must have at least two credit lines

Both credit lines added together must equal a minimum of 10k

Our team can assist in acquiring any prerequisites if needed

What You Do When You Sign Up

Create an Amazon Seller Account (Instructions Provided)

Complete the provided Google Form

Thats all. Our team will handle the rest

Unique Payment Plan

60 Day Installment Plan

Our Full Automation upfront fee is paid in three installments over a 60 day period. We do not split profit for the first 90 days of the businesses since it's a seasoning period. 100% of revenue goes straight to you. After the 90 day period, we split profit at a 65/35 split. 65% of profit will be yours, 35% will be ours.

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