Hybrid Automation

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Amazon, Walmart, and eBay All In One

You won’t find a program like this anywhere else. In Hybrid Automation, we start with building a Dropshipping and FBA business on a single Amazon storefront. Our team secures wholesale and dropshipping contracts for your business at the same time. Since we own and operate our  fulfillment center, we can control what platforms we sell on. Once your Amazon store is fully operational and is getting dropshipping and wholesale orders, we “”copy” the store onto Walmart. This means you are selling the same products using the same fulfillment channels on two marketplaces; which also means double the revenue and profit. We don’t just stop there. On top of Amazon and Walmart, we open an eBay store and duplicate the store again on eBay. In this program, you are purchasing a total of three online business which all have dropshipping and FBA contracts for a total of 6 different revenue streams (3 Wholesale, 3 Dropshipping).

Sell Products On Amazon

We start each Hybrid Program by building an established Amazon business. We will establish contracts for the Amazon business first to test product velocity and profitability, then branch into Walmart and eBay. Amazon serves as the baseline for all three stores.

Sell Products On Walmart

Walmart is a harder marketplace to get approved to sell on compared to Amazon. For this reason, we first establish the Amazon store, then a few months later we apply to Walmart and use the Amazon store as leverage to be approved. This is how we guarantee approval for our clients

Sell Products On eBay

eBay sales will make up a smaller percentage of your revenue compared to Amazon and Walmart. In total, Amazon and Walmart will combine for ~80% of your overall revenue while eBay consists of 20% of your overall revenue

The Only E-Commerce Program With Six Different Revenue Streams

Build E-commerce Businesses On Multiple Marketplaces

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All Benifits Of The Individual Dropshipping And FBA Included

Our Hybrid Program includes all the perks and benifits from the Dropshipping and FBA Program including the American Express funding, working with thousands of top USA brands such as Hasbro, L’Oreal Paris, Samsung, Lenovo, and thousands more. Your business will also average a higher ROI from using our fulfillment center with lower rates compared to FBA guaranteed and Seller Fulfilled Prime, where applicable. 

Hedge Against All Risk By Diversifying Business Models And Platforms


At League Of Ecom, we don’t believe in putting all our eggs in one basket. We aren’t going to find you that “one winning product”. We are going to build an established and professional online business where you are earning revenue and profit from selling a diverse group of products from laptops and computers to popular after-school snacks to brand name makeup across multiple marketplaces. We don’t have to spend a dime on advertising since every brand we work with ranks organically on the first page. To learn more about this, contact us or join our free webinars below

Multiple Payment Plans


We offer two types of payment plans for our programs:

In the first payment plan, there is one upfront payment. After the upfront installment is paid, we split profit at a 65/35 split for ongoing operations. 65% of profit will be yours, 35% will be ours. We offer in-house financing options for this payment plan, if needed.

The second payment plan has a 50% lower upfront installment, plus the profit split is 80 / 20 (80 you, 20 us), however there is a fixed monthly fee for the program.

For exact pricing information, please contact us, schedule a meeting, or join one of our free webinars below.

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