Social Media Marketing Program (Coming Soon)

  • Learn To Advertise On Facebook, Instagram, Google, And More

    Learn how to run Facebook/Instagram ads and leverage their powerful Artificial Intelligence to target your perfect audience and skyrocket your sales/leads. Leverage Google Adwords and see first hand how to generate sales/leads on your first day advertising utilizing both organic SEO as well as paid search ads and much more

  • Comprehensive Course Built Around You

    Before diving into how to set up your ads manager or craft the perfect sentence for your Google Ad, our team will teach you the basics of each platform and learn more about your business and what you offer. We will create a custom plan for your business to ensure all information you learn is actionable and can be implemented towards your business 

  • Proven Strategies

    All scaling strategies included in this program  have proven themselves to work time and time again. The way we optimize both Google and Facebook's Algorithms is the reason why our advertisement was shown to you, prompting you to click on it, and why you have read until this far

  • Safe And Secure

    League Of Ecom remains one of the only E-commerce Agencies that accepts payment via Stripe. Stripe is a secure payment processor that offers a multitude of business and buyer protection. We accept all major credit card as well so you can always pay with confidence. Before initiating any form of payment, both parties sign a Client Service Agreement clearly outlining our responsibilities to your business and more. Our Refund Policy is listed in our FAQ.

Our Social Media Marketing Program Includes All Of The Following:

Introduction to Facebook Ads Manager and Google Adwords

How to create a Facebook Business Manager and Google Adwords Account

How to create marketing campaigns with objectives to increase sales/leads for your specific business

How to convert audiences into data transferable between Facebook and Google

Multiple approaches for scaling Facebook Ads

Multiple approaches for scaling Google Ads

How to create Dynamic Campaigns with Google Adwords

How to create powerful Look-Alike Audiences with Facebook Ads Manager

Introduction to Tiktok and Snapchat advertising

And much more.

Payment Plans

Our Social Media Marketing Program has a 1 time upfront cost of $1999

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