Client Testimonials

Meet Will Basta, An Automation Client

Will is a Tech Salesman and entered our Automation Program in late 2020 and his Amazon business became active in early 2021. We were able to make him over $12,000 in just the first few months of entering our program. As Will states, there are a lot of Automation Programs out there, but the key is finding an experienced agency with active selling experience to take your store to the next level safely.

Meet Evan Patel, A Coaching Client

Evan is a 20 year old college student who was able to achieve over $70,000 in revenue within 90 days of joining our program. As a full time college student, Evan is working closely with his Coach to automate his entire business and truly achieve both financial freedom and 100% passive income before he turns 21. As Evan states, we shed light on E-commerce topics through out our program which he didn’t even realize existed. We provide real industry experience in our program to ensure our Clients are successful longterm.

Some More storefronts done by LOE:


I’m Matt and I’m 31 years old in Dropshipping Automation. I’ve always been curious about selling on Amazon and even made a selling account, but I didn’t know where to start. While doing research online about FBA, I saw an ad for League Of Ecom so I reached out to Jay. When I told him I was a newbie in the E-commerce space, he actually got on a Zoom call with me and broke down the different options and routes I could go. Initially I wanted to do FBA, but he actually took the time to understand my situation and explained to me why dropshipping was a better fit for me and my budget.

The one thing I learned in the Onboarding Process was I was glad I didn’t try and do this myself. Seeing how big the backend team is and how much work goes into each store was amazing. I could see the work being done and was able to communicate with my assigned Account Executives without any issues. The Client Resource Center are exponentially more helpful than anything I found online. 

Within the first 5 months, my store got over $55,000 in gross sales. Our goal next month is to get $20,000 in sales.

I highly recommend Dropshipping Automation to anyone who wants to start an online business. Jay and his team are truly the best in the business

- Matt

Hello, I’m Briggs and I’m a 24 year old Product Designer. I came across Jay’s Automation FBA Program on Google after looking through a half a dozen similar programs with no real solid fit. I had plenty of questions as one would during our initial call and he blew me away. He addressed every concern and question that I had and even after our call I sent a laundry list of topics that didn’t cross my mind and he addressed every question. Having someone who understands the business model and can provide real guidance along the way was truly the most I could ask for. Jay and his team went above and beyond no matter how many questions I had, they are the best partners to have in the world of Amazon.

I’ve been in this program for five months. My single best month was $16,000 and my best day is a $1,000 day. I am very satisfied with my results and am on track to hit my next KPI of $25K next month.

I was once in your shoes deciding whether I should take the plunge and trust me — it’s very much worth it. At the very least, I’d highly recommend contacting Jay to talk about any questions / concerns you may have.

– Briggs

My name is Adrian and I am currently enrolled in the Hybrid Automation Program. I first found out about Jay and League Of Ecom after doing research about Amazon and I saw an ad come up on Google. The one thing that made me join Jay’s program over all the other ones is the personalized aspect of it. I didn’t want to join a program where I would be “just another client”. I was given a plan of how we will scale the business, KPI’s, and more as soon as I entered the program and everything was tailored towards what my budget and funding situation. When I was comparing the different agencies, I realized only Jay’s programs give you two Account Executives and has the Client Portal. Communication is something I am very keen on. Especially when it comes to business. 

The first 4 months in Hybrid Automation I was able to make over $34,000 and with the help from Jay and his team, we’ve been growing every month. 

If you’re looking for a hands off program where you have access to real professionals seven days a week, at the very minimum contact Jay and see what he has to say.

- Adrian

Hi all! I’m Audrey and I work in Healthcare. The FBA Automation program is hands down the best program available. I decided I needed a more passive income stream and a friend told me about Amazon so I did some research and came across League Of Ecom.

My favorite part about this program is I don’t need to commit any time. I have a very busy schedule and long shifts most days. It’s comforting knowing there is a company taking care of running my business, and my Executives are always helpful. 

They are super transparent with the entire process so I always know what’s going on. Both Jay and Tremayne are very genuine people who really just want their clients to succeed. You can really tell they pride this company. 

I just got over 30k in product sales last month. I recommend talking to Jay or joining a webinar like I did!

- Audrey