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As a Drop Ship Vendor (DSV) on Walmart, we first open a distributor contract with a third-party supplier. We list their entire product catalog on Walmart before purchasing any products. At the end of every day, the supplier ships all of your orders directly to the customer without you ever having to see or purchase inventory upfront.

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No Inventory Or Advertising Expense

By leveraging Walmart’s internal algorithm with our custom AI listing management software, we are able to drive 100% organic traffic to your listing so you enjoy a $0 marketing budget year-round

Similar to Amazon dropshipping, this model is attractive to clients who do not want to deal with purchasing inventory. We only order products after we have sales for them and every product is ordered on credit line, so each purchase brings extra cashback and rewards

Leverage A New Marketplace

 Walmart has under 150,000 sellers on their entire platform. Leverage early access to the Walmart DSV platform to take advantage of their high sales volumes and low competition during Q4

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Walmart Payment Plan

We offer two types of payment plans for our programs:

In the first payment plan, there is one upfront payment. After the upfront installment is paid, we only split profit at a 65/35 split for ongoing operations. 65% of profit will be yours, 35% will be ours. We offer in-house financing options for this payment plan, if needed.

The second payment plan has a 50% lower upfront installment, plus the profit split is 80 / 20 (80 you, 20 us), however there is a fixed monthly fee for the program.

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